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General Outage Information
  • Web*Financials is NOT available Sunday mornings from 2am to 6am for backups.
  • Sundays from 6am to Noon is reserved for software and hardware maintenance.
  • If no maintenance is scheduled, Banner will be available.
  • If maintenance is scheduled, an announcement will be made by end-of-day of the preceding Wednesday
User Access Information

To use Web*Financials, you need an account with access to the University's administrative computing system.

Web*Financials consists of two major components, Web*Finance and Web*Salary.

Regular email accounts are not used for administrative access. To qualify for access to Web*Financials, you must:

  1. Be a Budget Administrator or Designee.

  2. Complete a Web*Financials Request Form for your existing cost center numbers and send to the contact listed below.

  3. To request User training go to Training Request